Saturday, 1 October 2011

perghh! andrew zimmern's kryptonite! -DURIAN!

WARNING, entry ni ade pics yang agak 'yucks' cket
so, viewer discretion is advised

korang sume penah tgk tv programme ni?
well, its about this fella andrew yang mencube variety of weird and strange food all around the globe. 

ni list mkanan yang dye penah try:

1.coconut grub a.k.a larva dari pokok kelapa

2.ox penis

3.fresh blood soup

4. weird winter worms

5.haggis a.k.a sheep's intestine

6.nutria a.k.a beaver

tapi andrew ni memang anti dgn satu makanan yang actually the malaysian's fav...

introducing, the mat salleh's kryptonite!

the delicious durian!

see for your self....

eff u andrew, I LOVE DURIAN

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