Friday, 24 August 2012

perghh! Twilight Zone Accident! (kipas helikopter cantas badan pelakon)

Date: July 23, 1982
Fatalities: 3 People

Twilight Zone: The Movie is a 1983 film produced by Steven Spielberg and John Landis as a theatrical version of the 1960s TV series created by Rod Serling. The 1983 film remade three classic episodes of the original series and included one original story. John Landis directed the prologue and the first segment, Steven Spielberg directed the second, Joe Dante the third, and George Miller directed the final segment. On July 23, 1982, an accident occurred while director John Landis filmed the Time Out scene of the movie, with actor Vic Morrow and child performers Myca Dinh Le (age 7) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (age 6). During the scene, a helicopter crashed into the actors.

The helicopter lost control after a series of fireballs were released for pyrotechnic effects. One of the explosions caused the low-flying craft to spin out of control and land right on top of Morrow and the two children. Morrow and Myca were decapitated by the helicopter’s top rotor blades and Renee was impaled by one of the skids. All three of the actors were killed instantly. It was a big news story and evidence emerged that Myca and Renee were being paid under the table to get around California’s child-labor laws. The accident led to civil and criminal action against the filmmakers and John Landis.

In the proceedings, nobody was convicted or held criminally culpable for the accident. In the aftermath of the event, regulations were changed involving children working on movie sets and during special effect-heavy scenes. Unlike most deadly accidents that take place on film sets, the actual footage of the Twilight Zone crash has been released to the public. The video was widely used in the criminal trial. The clip shows a lawyer describing the sad day and then it shows the actual crash. The tragedy remains one of the worst accidents in the history of Hollywood.

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perghh! Real life death caught on tape! (kebakaran di kelab malam)

The fire, from its inception, was caught on videotape by cameraman Brian Butler, for WPRI-TV of Providence, and the beginning of the tape was released to national news stations. The video shows how lucky Butler was to evacuate the building when he did. I have included the extended version of the film that is extremely revealing. Five seconds of footage captured in the middle of the tape gives a horrifying glimpse of the human crush that formed at the front of the club entrance. After the incident, the band’s manager and the club owner were convicted on involuntary manslaughter charges. As of August 2008, nearly $175 million has been offered to the families of the victims of the fire by various defendants in settlement.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

perghh! Real Exorcism yang Seram! (Harap jangan dengar di malam hari)

Exorcism(penghikmatan) atau 'halau hantu' adalah upacara yang digunakan oleh Gereja Roman Katolik dan Gereja Ortodoks untuk membuang dajal daripada seseorang yang dimiliki. Sepanjang penghikmatan Rusia ini anda boleh mendengar suara paderi membaca doa upacara semasa ditimpa (Saya tidak boleh memberitahu jika ia adalah lelaki atau perempuan) jeritan orang dalam pelbagai suara. Ia adalah agak menakutkan untuk mendengar dan saya tidak akan menasihati untuk orang-orang yang mempunyai kecenderungan saraf.

perghh! Moreschi The Last Castrato (shocking recording)

The castrati adalah lelaki yang telah dikembiri (dipotong anu nya) secara paksa pada usia yang muda sebab tak nak dorang ni ada perubahan hormon bila dorang ni baligh dan meningkat usia yang akan merendah kan suara lelaki(garau). Moreschi adalah castrati yang pernah dirakam suaranya ketika perform. dalam rakaman ni, umurnya dah lebih 50 tahun masa perform dalam rakaman ni. tapi kalo korg dengar suara nya seperti kanak2. dalam rakaman ni kualiti suaranya dah agak kurang kalo nak dibanding masa usianya 20an. namun still suara nya seperti suara kanak2. tiada suara lelaki(garau). itulah derita yang ditanggung seorang castrati.   

Friday, 13 January 2012

perghh! Video kepada Couple2 Diluar Sane Yang Terfikir Nak Clash! (Wajib Tengok)

This video is for some couple who's in the brink of breaking up... its a video of stages we find in a relationship... almost every relationship... this vid could be your make up video... must watch...

perghh! Laki punye version Dancing Eyebrow yang sangat GAY!

Sebelum ni blogperghh ade tunjukkan korang video budak pompuan yang ade bakat kening berdansa 2 kan?? well ni ade mamat yang nak tiru... tp seyesly he SUCKS!

perghh! Hari Tanpa Seluar Di Subway 2012!

mornin' guys! Happy saturday! kte mulakan hari ni ngan vid ni.. aaaa cunnnnn nyeee.... enjoy..

Thursday, 12 January 2012

perghh! Bukti Kenapa Hijab Boleh kalahkan konsep kecantikan Barat!

Most of u guys memang dah tau gune photoshop kan? Well, Beauty from the point of view of the westerner is indeed just like a photoshop! fake n that's what people now a days want a woman to look like..

perghh! Design2 Kuku Yang Cantik! (AWESOME)

Guys... Jom kte usha gambar2 hiasan kuku or design kuku yang agak gemak n cool ni! 

perghh! EEEEUUUWW! Reporter ni Terberak Dalam seluar semasa temuramah!

This Holland Reporter juz shit in her pants! cant stop lol'ing!

perghh! Pemain Bola ni Terberak dalam seluar semasa perlawanan! (Gross)

Ola guys! This vid pasti akan buat korang rase, eeewwwwwwwwwww OMG!

perghh! Comel! Baby yang tak leh sebut 'R' (Bad Parenting)

Maybe ramai yang pernah tengok video ni.. and blogperghh nak share ngan korang sal video ni.. coz vid ni sgt lah klaka.. n rated cket... lol...

perghh! Blogperghh Presents to you! Bulu Kening berdansa!

Hey guys! Long time no see aite? admin minta maaf kat sume.. yang maybe ade yang rindu blogperghh.. lol.. ni entry first after months of silence... enjoy... n stay tuned... =)